Intensive Vietnamese

Intensive Vietnamese

 (For learners: who have basic Vietnamese knowledge and be able to use Vietnamese simply.
 Intensive Vietnamese is suitable for learners finished General Vietnamese)
  ● Beside the benefits of General Vietnamese, this course has some significant features:
  ● The course supplies the phrases and sentence patterns used by native speaker.
  ● This course enhances listening, speaking, reading and writing skill of learners.
  ● Finishing this course, the learners are able to communicate naturally and confidently. The learners become Vietnamese good users.

        Course                                                               Content                                                             Time

             B1                                         1. Register, how to fill an application form.                                     34h
                                                          2. Vietnamese life
                                                          3. Interest and expectation
                                                          4. Appearance, character, and emotion
                                                          5. Welcome a guest to Vietnamese house

             B2                                         6. Health and life, bad habits and deseases                                     34h
                                                          7. Visiting friends and relatives in Vietnam
                                                          8. Shopping, clothing and fashion
                                                          9. Traveling and famous places in Vietnam
                                                         10. Recreation

             B3                                         11. Sports and physical training                                                         34h
                                                          12. Transportation and traffic system
                                                          13. Vietnamese market
                                                          14. Urbanization and big cities
                                                          15. Studying foreign language